Liana was born in 1984, in Siauliai. From an early age dreamed of singing, and listening to music tried to replicate the lyrics. Over time, Liana learned, and sang with friends.

In the beginning Liana's dad gave a lot of time for music on his daughter, teaching musical sense, cultural singing and music theory. Liana's dad is an electrician - engineer, once played bass, which is extremely good hearing and distinguished musicianship. Thanks father, Liana was learned to sing not only in Lithuanian language, but also in Russian. Seeing the daughters of interest in music, father bought the necessary tools, a computer and other items to create music.

At school, Liana was invited to the music teacher, who offered to take part in various social activities. This was the beginning of singing publicly audience.

After graduating from high school, Liana joined the Siauliai University, she completed a music pedagogue specialty.

Currently, Liana sings on many occasions, one or with other musicians and performers.